ISUZU G-IDSS Export Diagnostic System + ISUZU IDSS MX2




Global Isuzu Diagnostic Service System

Description of the catalogue :

Standalone Working offline for ISUZU INTERNET Server



The ISUZU Diagnostic Service System ( G-IDSS ) is an all-in-one hardware and software solution
diagnosis and repair of ISUZU commercial vehicles .

This package contains service information ( including electronic troubleshooting manual / wiring diagrams ) , full-featured scan tool , service programming , and bulletins to support all Isuzu manufactured products .

 The G-IDSS software is designed for use with the IDSS interface module , included with this kit.

wide Markets : ( Except U.S.A. / CANADA )

G-IDSS exclusive software for ISUZU vehicles. With each new release of the G-IDSS program ,

additional vehicle engine configurations and controller systems may be supported. Controller

Programming allows you to update and reprogram various vehicle controllers based on part

numbers and / or new available calibration files. You can program the following types of controllers

ISUZU G-IDSS Support Languages :

English , Spanish , Chinese , German , French , Japanese , Thai , Turkish , Ukrainian , Greek , Hungarian ,

 Italian , Indonesian , Vietnamese

ISUZU G-IDSS Features :

Service Information / Introduction / Mechanical / Troubleshooting ( DTC )

ETM ( Wiring Diagram ) / Descyption / Diagnostics / Controller Programming

Saved Data / Utility Functions




Multi Language List on Setting


 Workshop Manual and Wiring Diagrams

Engineering Mode

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日本版 車款 / 香港版 車款 包括全部車款

Live Data Stream


The IDSS MX2 is compatible with the following :

 J1939 / CAN / J1708 / NRZ / LIN / KW2000 / FlexRay / ISO 9141 / J1850 VPW , PWM / ISO 15765



1 x Genuine Original ISUZU IDSS MX2 Diagnostic VCI

1 x Genuine Original ISUZU IDSS MX2
OBD II Cable

1 x Genuine Original ISUZU IDSS MX2 USB Cable

Our Diagnostic VCI and Cable is Original Order From U.S.A. ISUZU Dealer )
Diagnostic Cable Hardware not made in China clone Error Products )  

1 x Software Peload on 64GB USB Drive

ISUZU G-IDSS Diagnostic System
is Full Cover All Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit and Windows 10 64 Bit O.S.

( Main DIAGNOSTIC Software Can Install on any Laptop or Desktop )