豐田最新一代原廠檢測儀 , 是豐田公司提供給其特約維修站
使用的專用檢測儀 , 功能強大 , 可讀取故障碼 , 資料流程 ,
清除故障碼 , 以及各控制單元匹配及編程。

TOYOTA / SCION / LEXUS 車系的 原廠檢測工具。

2011年起豐田要在全球推廣 Techstream,替換目前 TOYOTA DEALER 使用的 IT2, 包括中國 /香港和日本

( 包括日本版 車款 / 香港版 車款 / 出口版 車款 / 其它 車款 / LEXUS 所有車款 )

目前的 TOYOTA / LEXUS  診斷儀器,是16年前推入市場的,那時,大多數的 TOYOTA 車只有一個汽車電腦。

/ 資訊系統進行升級,使其跟上現代科技發展的步伐 , 適應其的發展。

豐田投資了數百萬美圓開發了一個新的 Diagnostic 診斷平臺,其將替代市場上所有的豐田 IT2 診斷儀器。

Techstream  TIS


TOYOTA / LEXUS 的經銷商來講,
Techstream TIS 代表著一個重大的、行業領先的技術改變。


      Techstream TIS 支持 1996 到至今的車型。定期的軟體更新使得 Techstream TIS 能夠支援新的車型。

Techstream TIS 提供快速和方便的訪問車輛上可用的系統,實現一鍵報告汽車狀況。


 Toyota / Scion / Lexus ECMs
能夠使用 Techstream TIS


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Techstream TIS Tester System is offered the same specification that is currently supplied to TOYOTA / LEXUS  franchised dealers.
The OBDII can complete coverage of ALL TOYOTA / LEXUS car systems past
and present coupled with the knowledge that the developments
will continue well into the future .

Techstream TIS allows Techstream diagnostic software to run on your PC to service Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles. Techstream TIS is an inexpensive alternative to the full Techstream TIS system and provides factory Dealer level support for Toyota / Scion / Lexus vehicles.

Scan tool Diagnostics

Techstream TIS supports DLC3 / J1962 based diagnostic functions on 1996 and later Toyota , Scion ,
and Lexus vehicles marketed in the United States . and Europe
You must have an active professional level subscription
 to use
Techstream TIS system.
Test function

Read faulty code
Clear faulty codeData streamActivate state

Programming and Coding control unit
Component testetc….



Other Model Version is Cover :
  Hong Kong
/ Australia / Philippines / Indonesia / Malaysia Markets

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包括日本版 車款 / 香港版 車款 / 出口版 車款 / 其它 車款 / LEXUS 所有車款 )

日本版 車款 / 香港版 車款 包括全部車款




Key Features of the Mongoose MFC PRO 2 for Toyota / Lexus
bulletJ2534 and J2534-1 compliant device driver
bulletCommercial Range ( 0 to +70° C )
bulletDimensions: 3" x 1.75"
bulletOperating Voltage: Bus-powered by USB
bulletHost Interface: Full-speed 12 mbps USB 2.0 with J2534 device driver
bulletLost cost, high performance pass-thru diagnostic tool for use with PC
bulletUSB Diagnostics tool for CAN and ISO9141 vehicles
bulletSupports reprogramming for Toyota
bulletSimple packaging with electronics contained inside the cable.
Bus Protocols supported by the Mongoose MFC PRO 2 for Toyota / Lexus
bulletCAN Bus ( capable of ISO 15765, GM LAN , J1939, and ISO14229 )
bulletKWP2000 ( ISO9141 / ISO14230 )
bulletShort to Ground pins 1, 9 and 15
bulletVPP +5 Pin 12

2011年起豐田要在全球推廣 Techstream TIS 替換 TOYOTA DEALER 使用的 IT2, 包括中國 /香港和日本


1 x Genuine Original TOYOTA TIS MFC PRO 2 Diagnostic OBD II Cable USB

Our Diagnostic Cable Hardware is Original Order From U.S.A. TOYOTA Dealer )
Diagnostic Cable Hardware not made in China clone Error Products )  

1 x Software CD ROM

Techstream TIS is Full Cover All Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 32 Bit and 64 Bit  OS
( Main DIAGNOSTIC Software Can Install on any Laptop or Desktop )