Program NISSAN FAST for Windows will consist from 9CD: EL1, EL2, ER, GL, GR, USA1, USA2, USA3 (INFINITI), CANADA and
Contains the full information on spare parts on all models, except for was issued for Japan and Spain.
The part of machines and minibuses of firm NISSAN was issued in Spain, are on a disk NISSAN SPAIN (SPAIN), it is the separate program with other environment. Machines and minibuses of firm NISSAN was issued in Japan, are on disks NISSAN  (JAPAN), the environment of the program is similar NISSAN FAST, only all names of details are executed in the Japanese language. To orient in necessary disks, the mentioned below table will help.

The identifier of the manufacturer in VIN (first three symbols VIN)

bullet JN1 cars made in Japan
bullet VSK automobiles made in Spain (NMISA)
bullet SJN cars made in England (NMUK)
bullet JNK cars made Infiniti in Japan
bullet JN6 lorries and minibuses made in Japan for the USA and Canada
bullet JN8 multipurpose automobiles (minivans, jeeps) made in Japan for the USA and Canada
bullet 1N4 cars made in the USA (NMM)
bullet 1N6 lorries and minibuses made in the USA (NMM)

Since 03.2000 on disks goes simultaneously three versions of the program (DOS, WIN 16-bit, WIN 32-bit). At work from CD
The program NISSAN FAST for Windows will borrow 12Mb on the winchester, at full installation of all disks the program will occupy 3,2Gb. How correctly to establish the program completely on the winchester it is described in article " Effective work with program NISSAN FAST for Windows "
Except for search of spare parts the program contains the utility for an estimation of damage after collision (the list of spare parts subject to replacement).

The list of "fast" keys duplicating buttons on the panel of the program.

bullet F2 the basic window of indexes of groups of spare parts
bullet F3 transition to figure under number of section (SEC)
bullet F4 search of figure under number and the name of section (SEC)
bullet F5 translation of number of a detail in figure in number of a detail
bullet F6 a seal
bullet F7 search of a detail or figure under the name
bullet F9 notes
bullet F12 clearing of the screen
bullet F11 an estimation of damage from collision


NISSAN 車廠維修零件DVD ROM、(NISSAN車廠正使用中系統)


OS Windows XP,Windows 7