SUBARU (EUROPE) EPC PARTS CATALOGUE DVD

Spare parts catalog Subaru Fast Usa contains the catalogue of spare parts for automobiles SUBARU, since 1984-85 (depending on region). It is established simply, occupies 2Mb, works with use of CD.
The spare parts catalog Subaru Fast Usa possesses the flexible interface, there is a search on VIN, on model, under the name of a detail, the information on replacements, and also the built - in function of definition of details subject to replacement after collision or failure. In the program is not present Help-? and for those who experiences difficulties at work with the program, function keys used in the program as they can be pressed "mousy" are below resulted.

Subaru Fast Usa
F1 Removal of all entered data / return to the basic working window
F2 A conclusion of the basic groups of spare parts
F3 Search of figure to the name of a detail
F4 A window of the repair information (replacement of details after collision or periodic)
F5 Translation of number of a detail in figure in original number of a detail
F6 A choice of updating for the model chosen on a key "F7"
F7 A choice of model without VIN
F8 Specification of a date of issue of model at work without VIN
F10 Back
F11 Forward
F12 Exit
Other keys which have been not described here, most likely will not be necessary long enough time.

Installation Subaru Fast Usa. Program DOS-shell, but with Windows setupom. At work demands ~200k the basic memory and 1MB EMS. It can be established both from CD, and from the screw. On what disk to establish (C, D...), value has no. At installation not on C, it is necessary then to edit starting PIF files. OS value has no, it was successfully put even in Windows 2000! At installation under Windows NT it is necessary to resolve use EMS in properties of a file SFCD010.EXE. By default in adjustments{*options*} there is a reference to a nonexistent file of the data (see below), that leads to to occurrence of mistake FF00. In the first item{*point*} it is necessary to choose LH.

If after long tortures the program after installation as does not want to work, check up file Config.sys and if you have such line DEVICEHIGH=C:WINDOWSEMM386.EXE NOEMS or DEVICE=C:WINDOWSEMM386.EXE NOEMS clean{*remove*} parameter NOEMS and reload a computer.

Interiors and features of work. Files of the data from this program lay on CD in the root catalogue. What file to use at work, gets out at adjustment{*option*} (on F3) or editing of a file SFFAST.INI. In adjustment{*option*} it is possible to choose four variants US, LH, RH, ER. Similar, that LH - machines with the left rudder, RH - with right. In ER the data only on Legacy so it is not clear, that for this animal ER. US - American variant Subaru is on other CD. Search VIN of a code also depends on a choice of a variant. If VIN has not approached. On closer examination appeared, that files of the data, among other things, also catalogues of VIN-codes. Therefore if VIN has not approached, it is possible or to work through F7, or to pick up another VIN which under characteristics of the machine will coincide with yours. Than these two variants I differ has not found out, i.e. whether has value, that some fields will stay not filled. I have decided, that it is better to pick up suitable VIN and further to be confident, that the program works as it is necessary. For selection VIN it is necessary to have the data from the tablet under a cowl (Model, Option, Trim code, Engine type, Color code...). The principle of selection is rather primitive. In file SFFASTLH (for the left rudder), the line made as follows is searched: JF1 + At me it has turned out JF1GF5A (in original JF1GF22). If this line is found, it is necessary to add 3 symbols following a found fragment to an initial line. At me it has turned out JF1GF5AL0E. L and means the left rudder. The following symbol influences type of a box of transfers - B - manual, K - the automatic device. It has turned out JF1GF5AL0EK. We search for this line and it is read - out 6-ти-place number behind it{*her*}. Found VIN already it is very similar, but it is possible to improve still:-). At me did not coincide Color Code. It was necessary to continue search and to receive some variants of the last 6-ти figures. One of them has given the necessary result. Now at work with the program I use found VIN

Models list present in spare parts catalog SUBARU FAST 2 :

Subaru A10 L SERIES

Subaru B10 LEGACY
Subaru B11 LEGACY
Subaru B12 LEGACY
Subaru B13 LEGACY
Subaru B14 LEGACY

Subaru C11 SVX
Subaru C12 SVX

Subaru D10 E SERIES

Subaru D11 E12

Subaru G10 IMPREZA
Subaru G11 IMPREZA
Subaru G12 IMPREZA (GE,GH)
Subaru G13 IMPREZA (GJ)
Subaru G22 IMPREZA (GR,GV)
Subaru G33 IMPREZA (XV VIN : FF1,2)

Subaru J10 J SERIES

Subaru R10 M70&M60

Subaru R11 M80

Subaru R12 VIVIO
Subaru R13 VIVIO


Subaru V10 WRX

Subaru W10 TRIBECA

Subaru Y10 EXIGA

Subaru Z10 BRZ

OS Windows XP,Windows 7